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About ME

Early Development


I have always enjoyed taking pictures. Something about capturing a moment in time fascinates me. The opportunity to emphasize and explore a single frame of a single part of reality is inspiring. My first experience with photography was with disposable cameras, and even then, I felt a strong desire to be the one taking the photos, not the one in them. As my desire to capture snippets of the universe grew, so did my toolbox. I got my first DSLR camera in high school. It was one of the cheapest ones out there, but it changed everything.  All of a sudden, I could take photographs endlessly without spending any money developing them. Everything around me became a subject to capture.

Falling in Love

My wonderful parents were supportive of my pursuits, but they also urged me to go to college. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life at that point; I just knew I loved writing music and taking photos. I enrolled in an intro photography class and an art history class, and spent countless hours at the top floor of my university library's photography section going through every book available. This is when I fell in love with art as a whole, and when my understanding of and relationship with photography became more nuanced. My definition of art broadened to include just about everything, and I was set free to explore different ways of engaging with my emotions, the world, and photography.

Waxing and Waning

Though I grew more than I can ever express through perusing books on photography and engaging with the art form myself, I decided I would pursue teaching as a career. I remember sitting down with my art history professor to discuss my choice. She wanted me to stay in the art world. She saw what it meant to me, and the way in which I interpreted some of the pieces we reviewed gave her confidence in my passion and eye, but I had made up my mind. There are parts of me that regret the choice, but most of me is pleased with my decision. My passion for art has increased and decreased throughout the years, but since starting my professional career, I have found a new admiration for it. 


I've never been a big risk taker but I've always wanted to share my deepest feelings with others through my art. I'm hoping this project will be an avenue for creating more art, but I am hesitant to share my identity from the get-go. For right now, I'd like to remain semi-anonymous. I ask that you respect this and avoid trying to dig deep to figure out who I am, and if you do, please don't share that information.

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