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NFTs & Information

Photography has gotten me through tough times,

brightened joyous times, and made me see the

world differently.

It has long been my hope that my art will impact another person as much as it has impacted me. But art has the power to do more than move an individual. Art has the power to change communities. Whether that change happens through the art itself or the money it raises, that's what I want this art to do: positively change lives. 90% of the proceeds from NFT sales go directly to charity.

AW Collection


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100 NFTs will soon be available on for purchase. All of the NFTs are photographs of water or objects that utilize/transport water. Some of the photographs are completely unedited and some are edited heavily. Each NFT was created with purpose, care,  and passion. The holders of the NFTs will receive a number of benefits. 

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  • I want to share my passion, improve the lives of others, and bring awareness to need. 

  • 450,000 people die every year from contaminated water or water scarcity.

  • There are charities that are helping.

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I see a lot of NFT projects that give around 10% to charity. I thought I'd flip that model on its head. 90% of all proceeds go to two worthy charities

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Sale 1: 1-33 Available Now!

Sale 2: Ten days after 1-33 are sold.

Sale 3: Ten days after 34-66 are sold.

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